see this Job Seekers Interested in Working in Construction?

During the Construction Combine, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to frame, work concrete, lay flooring, put up drywall, and other important construction skills.
  • Meet with experienced contractors looking for people to hire.
  • Be involved in giving back to the veterans who defended this nation.


Looking for Quality Help?

  • Share your passion for your trade with eager learners.
  • Evaluate job candidates before hiring them.
  • Be involved in a community event that promotes the building industry.

Considering Being a Sponsor?

Sponsoring the Construction Combine is a great way to:

  • Ensure the building industry continues to have a pipeline of talent to draw from.
  • Promote your business in an award-winning, congressionally recognized community event.

What is the Construction Combine?

The Construction Combine is a two-day event where job seekers and high school students get to experience the construction industry. On the first day, participants get hands-on training in trades, including framing, dry awall, roofing, flooring, concrete plumbing, and electrical. During the second day, they put their training to work and build sheds for disabled veterans with material donated by Home Depot. During the entire event, contractors interact with participants and potentially offer them a job.