The Construction Combine is a one-of-a-kind event!

Trainees will have the opportunity to be taught trade skills by licensed professionals within the local construction industry, and by showing good work ethic, possibly obtain employment.

History of the Construction Combine

"We can't even find someone that knows how to read a tape measure" This was the lament that started the Construction Combine.

It came up when Scott Stephens, the business consultant at Idaho State University Workforce Training, met with the leaders of the Building Contractors Association of Southeast Idaho in 2017. During that meeting, the BCASEI lamented the fact that they had a hard time finding qualified labor. . .

To rectify this problem Idaho State University Continuing Education/Workforce Training teamed up with the local Home Depot and developed the Construction Combine. While these two organizations led the event it truly became a community-wide effort. 16 contractors, businesses and organizations and over 50 students were involved in the first Construction Combine at Pocatello, Idaho. In 2019 it spread throughout the state and was conducted in six different locations and provided construction training to over 400 high school students and adult job seekers.

In [year] and beyond the Construction Combine will be a national event conducted in various locations throughout the United States.

If you want to get involved in a local Construction Combine or bring the Construction Combine to your area please contact us, and we will get you started on solving this national shortage.

What is the Construction Combine?

Inspired by the NFL draft, the Construction Combine is a collaborative effort between educational institutions, local construction contractors, and community members to develop a strong construction labor force. There are three main participants to the Construction Combine.



Trainees participate by learning new skills and gaining greater understanding about the construction trades.



Contractors provide hands-on training in their trade.



Sponsors contribute generous donations that provide training materials and other necessary equipment.

What happens at the Construction Combine?

This event takes place over 2 days:



Trainees demonstrate their skills and learn new ones in a Round Robin Format.



Trainees work with local contractors constructing sheds, which are donated to local veterans.

After building sheds, trainees and contractors talk with each other about possible employment opportunities.


The Construction Combine is a great opportunity to strengthen the building industry and create the next generation of builders!


Training locations vary upon region.

Next Steps...

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