Welcome to the [year] Pocatello Construction Combine!

Are you interested in learning basic construction skills, working with local contractors on community projects, or improving your potential to find a job?

Inspired by the NFL draft, the Construction Combine allows trainees to demonstrate their skills and learn new ones. This is a great opportunity to help the Pocatello community by meeting with local contractors and learning their specific construction needs.

This event is one-of-a-kind, where Trainees can learn, Contractors can teach, and Sponsors can help the community grow!

Application to the [year] Construction Combine is open [po-registration].

The Combine will take place on [po-date1] from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm at the Home Depot in Chubbuck, ID.

Check Back Soon for Additional Updates!


Application Open [po-registration]

For more information please contact Scott Stephens with Idaho State University's Continuing Education and Workforce Training (CEWT) at: stepscot@isu.edu or through this website HERE.

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